Movie Poster

Our latest assignment was to come up with a poster for either our preliminary movie or the final movie, the opening title. I decided to make one for our preliminary video since we have not yet finished planning for our final video. I used two different types of software here. One was Adobe Photoshop where I used some basic effects such as cropping the pictures of my actors using Magic Wand Tool and used different texts along coloring effects. The second software I used was Picasa, which helped me 'retouch' the picture of the actors since the magic wand tool did not exactly crop as well as I wanted.
One of the things that might look confusing is that our video only featured 'Saad Tariq' and the other two actors were not shown. Therefore I placed him in the center of the three to make him look like the main character. The teenage actors, the tagline and the black and white name of the film(which gives it a formal and non-funky look) here suggests that if there was a full length movie, it would have been about the tough competition and rivalries that students face at school. The PG-13 rating at the bottom of the poster also supports this idea.

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Second Prelim's Script

Dark interrogation cell. There is a table and two chairs. A file and some papers are lying on the table. Just one bulb hangs directly above the table, pouring all its light on it.

A man(detective) in a waist coat is walking around the room. There is a jacket hanging over one of the chairs. The man also has badge on his vest and it is implied that he is a detective or an official.
A bell rings and the door of the room opens. A man wearing a black and white striped shirt and grey/black trouser comes in (he limps) and sits down on a chair.

Detective: You have been with us for six months now Rick. You look pretty fine to me so I am expecting you to cooperate. I just want you to answer me one simple question. Who is Bob Marlin?
(Rick does not answer and keeps staring at the file on the table)
Detective: Are you listening to me? Who is Bob Marlin?
Rick(laughs at first and suddenly turns serious): I don’t know. (Giggles again)
Detective: Listen to me very carefully. I know that you are completely well so I won’t mind using physical methods to get my answer now.
Rick: I do not know Bob Marlin!
Detective: That is a lie! (Pauses). Look, you have murdered five innocent people and you can never get out of this place. But if you cooperate, I’ll give you all possible relaxations. If you do not, you will get nothing but misery and pain.
Rick: I do not feel any pain.
(Detective goes towards him and kicks him in his leg. Rick screams)
Rick: I do not know any Bob! Let me go!
Detective: You know him very well so don’t think you can lie to us, I just need to know about him!
Rick: You will never get the answer from me! (spits at the Detective.)
Detective: Take him away! (waits until Rick is taken away. Then takes out his cell phone and speaks on the phone) 'He isn’t any better. We’ll have to put him back in the ward.' ( He opens the file. The front page is Bob Marlin’s profile and a photograph in it reveals that Rick is Bob himself.)