1. Q1(No): I voted no because the film will reflect on the negativity of the society in Pakistan, especially the Muslim community.
    Q2(Yes): The opening titles being action packed would keep the audience interested and involved in the film, and they would want to see the aftermath of the bomb blast.
    Q3(4): I think that it is pretty catchy and rating it 4 is quite good.
    Q4(Controversial): I think the issue is quite sensitive especially to the Pakistani audience and the film would reflect religious misunderstanding that is already present in the society and globally.

  2. Ans1: Yes, because it is important to portray Pakistan as a victim of terrorism like it really is and not like the source of terrorism which it is tagged to be.
    Ans 2: Yes, Action, explosions, anxiousness, interesting, what else could the audience want?
    Ans 3: Option 4,quite a teaser for the starting. will keep the audience binded.
    Ans 4: i personally don't think that a such as this one would cause any socio-religious problems as the blinding covers of lies need to be exposed and controversies resolved. Throwing light upon how and why things really happen is very important, and the spice and thrills of getting to understand a scenario from a completely different point of view invigorates the audience.

  3. Thanks a lot for sharing your ideas guys.
    @Andrew, I do understand that you can get confused with my topic but as Aarish has mentioned above, my movie is actually about showing the problems that Muslim community itself faces within a Muslim country like Pakistan. After all, the protagonist is Muslim in the movie and terrorists are the 'so-called' ones. So the movie actually clarifies that the terrorist are not Muslims in reality, on a global scale.

  4. I like your questionnaire, but you know in order for it to work you will have to push the blog, which means, post the link on your facebook, email it to your friends and ask them to email it to their friends etc.
    You need to have a lot of respondents to make this useful.
    Then you can write about how you got a lot of people to interact with your thought process on your blog.